Hello! My name is Ramiro and I have been working for H&F for 11 years. My role is to administrate the operations in Mexico. I started working with Hands and Feet Ministries as a summer translator. I stayed longer than I had planned, then I just stayed permanently. I’m happily married with 3 children. My family includes Cecilia (wife), Ana Cecy (daughter), Jose Carlos (Son), and Maria Fernanda (daughter). I’m a local from the city of Piedras Negras who loves God, working with the ministry, loves Mexico.


Ramiro Yañez

Hey everyone! My name is Shelby Cox, I'm 25 years old and I've been working with Hands and Feet Ministries since May 2011. I have been coming to Mexico with Hands and Feet since 2006 on short term mission trips and also working as a summer intern. In February 2011, I visited Mexico on a more informal trip and it was during that trip that the opportunity to work with Hands and Feet full time presented itself. After prayer and seeking council, I decided that that's what God was leading me to do. My primary role at Hands and Feet is the sponsorship coordinator at Nava School, our main area of outreach. I fill in other roles when needed, and really enjoy the work that I get to be a part of in Piedras Negras and Nava.

Shelby Cox

Michelle Adams

 A little over sixteen years ago, my husband, Roy Adams, had a vision to “bridge the gap” between people who need help and those who want to help. We felt called to start Hands and Feet Ministries. Through the years God has sent over 10,000 missionaries to Mexico, Belize, and New Mexico with Hands and Feet..

 In the early years, we took semi-loads of clothing and miscellaneous household items to Mexico.  With soaring gas prices and failing economy this was no longer feasible.  God prompted us to open Heavenly Hand Me Downs thrift store.  Wow!  Double portion blessings. Locally, people can enjoy shopping and donating things they don’t need.  The proceeds go directly to Mexico to meet exact needs such as food and shelter and keeping our precious school going.  I am so blessed to be the director of this outreach.

 I have an amazing husband and three beautiful daughters. My children have grown up spending summers and vacations in Mexico.  We all have a heart for helping those in need.. Personally I have a tender spot for women’s ministry, but I want to serve wherever God needs me.  As Director of Heavenly Hand Me Downs, life is never dull, but always rewarding. We did not foresee how many local people also  needed help.  God provides for that also.   Our storehouses are constantly overflowing.  I love being able to daily pray with people, give encouragement, and just be the “Hands and Feet” of Jesus in Georgia and in Mexico.

Hi!  I’m Sandi Larranaga. I am a happily married wife, and the mother of two grown children.  I have been blessed to work for Hands and Feet Ministries in the Heavenly Hand Me Downs store for almost four years.  Working for Hands and Feet has provided many opportunities for me to see God at work, both personally and professionally.  Personally, I began volunteering at Hands and Feet during a difficult season of my life.  Michelle and the staff at Heavenly Hand Me Downs embraced me and my brokenness-and provided a safe environment for me to heal.  I believe their living examples of Christ’s love enabled me to find my way back to a better place-one far less broken.

I am now full time staff here at HHMD.  I get to help people here in our community directly and in Mexico indirectly every day!  Although I prefer to work in the background, I know I am making a difference in the lives of others, whether I am sorting clothes or praying with those who request it.

Sandi Larranaga

Kelly Hackney

I’ll soon be celebrating a thirty-fourth anniversary with my husband Tim. We have two daughters, a son-in-law, two grandchildren and a third one due in February. My husband and I are healing/deliverance ministers. Aside from working/serving at the store I’m known as “Nana” and I keep our grandchildren in the afternoons. I’m also working on a 1st degree Black Belt in Karate and will test in December.

Michelle and I have been woven in and out of each other’s lives by God for the last twenty-three years. Sometimes we were just being moms to our daughters who are the same age. Other times she was praying for me or I was praying for her. In 2014 God lead me to stop by the store. It wasn’t open yet so I started to leave but Michelle came out the front door. I wasn’t going to bother her but God said, “Go see her.” It turned out she had a prayer request for the store to have some volunteers. God said, “Be an answer to her prayer. Volunteer.” So I volunteered from September 2014-May 2015 then took the a few months off. After being away from the friends I made and the work I enjoyed God led me back. In September of 2015 God led me to tell Michelle I would like to work for her. I’ve been an employee since Sept 23rd, 2015. I do the typical things that come along with any thrift store but my favorite thing to do is pray directly with my friends and customers.